Building Your Pentapyramid Life (E-book)


Building Your Pentapyramid Life. Your future is an amazing destination yet to be discovered. Then, what are you going to do with the time left in your life? The ancient Egyptians were concerned with seeking the divine within themselves, they also saw the shape of the pyramid as a doorway to a new life for the physical body emerging from the earth, and ascending towards the light of the sun.

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The pyramid always symbolizes consciousness of strength and energy. The place that can be used to prepare us for the future and renewal. In our Pentapyramid, the base of the pyramid represents 5 fundamental spaces that reflect our life. They are: physical, spiritual, social, professional, and financial. The steps of each side of the Pentapyramid represent the “here and now” that is shaping and determining our destiny in each of the 5 life spaces. Nowadays, despite the abundance of wisdom through books, biographies, religions, and faiths that we claim we are believing in, and despite the fact of death confirming that eventually, everything will come to an end, we are still having challenges to live a more complete and satisfying life. Sometimes we achieve things at the expense of other things that could be far more valuable to us, and we lack enjoyment despite all that we possess.

This book will help you reflect on your overall life and evoke questions like: • What are you going to do with the time left in your life? • Is what you are doing today, leading to where you want to be tomorrow? • If you die this very moment, what will die with you? What dreams? What talents? What potentials? The Pentapyramid concept is the result of searching, reading, training, traveling the world, interacting with people from different walks of life, listening to their stories, as well as reflecting on life’s failure, success, pain, and joy, then connecting the dots. Because Pentapyramid concept is flexible and you could customize it to any lifestyle, we wanted to share it with you hoping it will help you enjoy the right balance throughout your life journey and increase your readiness for a much better tomorrow by focusing on what matters most!

The book of Building Your Pentapyramid Life has measurement tool “Pentapyramid Self-Assessment Scorecard © to help you monitor your progress in your five spaces. When you monitor your progress, you will have greater self-confidence and self-satisfaction, learn how your behaviors & attitudes impact your progress and realize how your habits are affecting your happiness. By the end of the book, there is a “Pentapyramid Life Planner” templates & formats designed based on the Pentapyramid concept to help you think where to go and how to get there. It will help you to design your future while you are focusing on “The Now and Here.” It is a place where you can always find your privacy to reflect on your life, unclutter your mind and to have good mental wellbeing – some people call it happiness- means feeling good and functioning well.

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