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Interaction Management®
Creating better leaders for a better future

Frontline managers are the linchpins that connect strategy to execution, and they do this by directly supervising 80% of the workforce. These leaders are the defining factor between success and failure, and they need help. Did you know:

  • One in three employees said they don’t consider their boss to be effective/li>
  • One in two employees have left a job to get away from their manager/li>

These statistics aren’t surprising considering that 60% of frontline leaders have never received training for the role. There are no short cuts to building better leaders, but there is a way for leaders to develop into the skilled and effective boss that employees respect and want to work for.

DDI’s Interaction Management® (IM) develops the critical interpersonal and leadership skills that managers at the frontline need to be effective. A study across 40+ years of research proves that IM has a positive impact on leaders, employees, and the business. The research shows that:

  • 81% of direct reports whose leader attended IM® reported increased engagement.
  • 8.5 of out 10 clients report that DDI solutions lead to measurable change and sustainable outcomes year after year.
  • 77% of organizations report decreased turnover.

Customize for your organization

Interaction Management provides the flexibility you need to meet your leaders’—and your organization’s—unique challenges. Choose from a wide variety of courses, modalities, and languages to transform your leaders and drive better business results. Customizable courses cover critical leadership skills such as:

  • A.R.T Of Interviewing
  • Accelerating Business Decisions
  • Addressing Poor Performance Building and Sustaining Trust
  • Coaching for Peak Performance
  • Communicating for Leadership Success Embracing Change
  • Executing Strategy at the Front Line
  • Leading Virtually
  • Making High-Quality Decisions Resolving Workplace Conflict
  • Strengthening Your Partnerships
  • Strong Start
  • Taking the HEAT
  • Valuing Differences
  • Your Leadership Journey

PROOF THAT DDI’S LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT PAYS OFF 40+ years of research on the impact of Interaction Management®