Building Your Pentapyramid Life
Moving your 5 Life Spaces, from intention to destiny
One day Wellbeing Masterclass.

The ancient Egyptians saw the shape of the pyramid as a doorway to a new life for emerging from the earth and ascending towards the light of the sun. The pyramid always symbolizes the place that can be used to prepare us for the future and renewal. In our Pentapyramid, the base of the pyramid represents 5 fundamental spaces that reflect our life: physical, spiritual, social, professional, and financial. The steps on the 5 sides represent what is shaping our destiny in each of the 5 life spaces. Nowadays, despite the abundance of wisdom through books, biographies, and faiths that we claim we are believing in, and despite the fact of death confirming that eventually, everything will come to an end, we are still having challenges to live a more balanced and satisfying life. This masterclass will help you reflect on your overall life to realize where you stand now and help you think where to go and how to get there.

An integrated wellbeing strategy that makes employees feel good — even brag about — their employe can significantly impact employee attraction, retention, andthe business outcomes. This interactive masterclass connects the physical, spiritual, social, professional & financial components with your organization in which a good wellbeing program positively affects attraction, retention,engagement, and productivity.

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