The power of “&”

There’s nothing worse than feeling like you’re doing all the right things, but you’re not having the success you want, and not seeing results fast enough or “winning.”
Be careful because your greatest strength could be your greatest weakness, when you have a strong trait that is not supportedby its PARADOXICAL TRAIT.

  • The Power of “&” is a Master Class exploring Leadership Dynamics through the power of paradox

5 Reasons, WHY? The Power of & Masterclass:

  • 1A single strong trait is not necessarily a genuine strength “it may be a significant weakness” if not supported by its paradoxical trait, and that could create a blind spot.
  • 2It is crucial to know how we are perceived when our two paradoxical traits are not balanced
  • 3Making better choices could entails “THE AND” option and is not limited to “trade off” or “compromising”
  • 4The tensions of conflicting and contradicting demands force people into different space for thinking
  • 5It is critical to measure our 2 paradoxical traits to be able to get them balanced

“The difference between average and outstanding firms is an “AND” Mentality’. tensions force people into different space for thinking… This is not just a performance issue but a survival issue, because managing paradox helps foster creativity and high performance.” –

Paul Polman, former CEO, Unilever

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