13 Apr 2016

7 Regrets

We used to ask this one question to those who reached their career retirement:
What is it you regret? and if you go back in time, you would do differently?
Here istheir common answers to that question summarised in 7 main regrets:

  • I regret listening to everyone else more than listening to my heart
  • I regret avoiding new things in the fear of looking stupid or idiot, rather than allowing my self to grow.
  • I regret wasting my time blabbing others instead of finding solutions within me
  • I regret dwelling over all the people who have hurt me in the past, instead of working towards building and creating a better tomorrow.
  • I regret associating happiness with the unattainable goals and holding happiness away till I reach my goal instead of letting go and enjoying now
  • I regret skipping important events in my loved one’s lives instead of being with them and creating good memories for them
  • I regret not stepping out and competing because I was scared of failure instead of showing the world what I’ve got.

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